Innotech Omni


With the benchmark for BACnet BEMS

More than a controller, Omni is a self-contained Building & Energy Management System. Omni is equipped with an Innotech-designed, industry-first microchip (Programmable Point) that is independently programmable as any type of Input or Output.

This is one of the most significant savings for Innotech clients and why Omni is so competitive. Omni’s Programmable Points allow every point on the controller to be used as any type of Input or Output, meaning you can use every point on the controller without waste, reducing costs by decreasing the number of controllers required on a project.

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Why Choose the Omni BEMS Platform?


  • Multiple models and flexible points saves money on hardware and installation


  • Omni controllers integrate with any existing Innotech or BACnet control system


  • Native BACnet communications ensures seamless connections with other BEMS


  • Omni's cross-platform, on-board web server makes service and facility maintenance a breeze


  • Individually tested controllers and on-board diagnostics guarantees reliability


  • Ideal for critical applications, with on-board data logging, time schedules and battery backup


Native BACnet Simplified

  • Extensive BACnet library with online commissioning achieved through the on-board web server

Industry-First Universal I/O

  • Any of the programmable points on the 40, 20 or 14 UI/O models is completely configurable meaning no waste

Point LED Indication

  • Individual terminal LEDs show the status of digital I/O points and provide diagnostic information

No Plugins...Ever Again

  • No Java or Silverlight here, Omni uses HTML5 directly and requires no Plugins

AC or DC Powered

  • Omni controllers feature a polarity-independent AC or DC power supply

Real-time Clock

  • Omni controllers have a battery backed real-time clock that can be synched to an NTP or BACnet Server guaranteeing time synchronisation across the entire network

Additional Expansion Port

  • Omni controllers feature an expansion port for additional protocol/communications options

Protocol Routing/Conversion

  • Communication channels feature bi-directional protocol routing/conversion between BACnet/IP, BACnet MS/TP and Innotech

Faster Point Update Rates

  • Custom points have extreme flexibility, speed and the ability to read pulses up to 100KHz (100,000 pulses per second)

Colour-Coded Terminals

  • Colour-coded pluggable terminals for easy identification of Power, Communications and Input/Outputs

Local Document Storage

  • Keep the latest engineering documents accessible to any technician by using Omni's on-board storage

Multiple Comms Options

  • Connect via Ethernet, RS-485 and/or USB communications to any Omni C40, Omni C20 and Omni C14 controller

Easy Programming, All in One

  • Innotech's intuitive engineering software, Focus, features block logic programming, protocol conversion, simulation, alarming/notifications and access control

24VDC Power for Aux. Sensors

  • Omni C40 and Omni C20 Controllers provide a 50mA output that can be used to power an auxiliary loop powered external sensor


  • Broadcasting of BACnet across subnets as standard, with no additional hardware, software or cost

Drive up to 40 Omni Relays

  • Every point can be configured as a Digital Output and drive up to a 35mA relay, or the ultra-efficient 15mA Omni RL12

Multi-Platform Web Server

  • Rich multi-platform web server for client access, and on-line commissioning and Facility Management

Log Data Memory

  • Export or view up to 180 million readings from each Omni's on-board datalogging

Customisable HMI

  • Omni C40, Omni C20 and Omni C14 controllers have an optional HMI with click-wheel navigation that can be customised to suit any client's needs

Email and SMS Notifications

  • Automated sending of email and/or SMS to multiple Omni Address Book recipients for Alarms and Notifications

Backward Compatibility

  • Easily share data with any existing Innotech BEMS controller network or BACnet system
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