28 Sydney Avenue

This project included not only the innovative 5 Star NABERS Energy rated office building construction but also an integrated fit-out. Mechanical systems include chilled and heating water systems utilizing water cooled chillers and gas fired boilers. Air systems include AHUs, FCUs, general ventilation systems and carpark ventilation and air quality monitoring system.

Using a High Level Interface the BMS communicates with chillers, VRF air conditioning system and Variable Speed Drives controlling pumps and fans. Remote monitoring of the BMS is possible via an ADSL connection using a web interface. Read More

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre

This project consisted of thirteen high security state of the art residential, education & training, recreation, administration and other support facilities enclosed by a secure perimeter. The mechanical services in this unique project consisted of heating and chilled water plan, in-slab heating and VRV.
The BMS system is controlled via a central head end residing in the administration building. IES successfully delivered the project and continues to undertake the maintenance. Read More

Rudds Consulting, Fyshwick

This building is full of leading edge technology from the ground up, literally. The BMS controls in-slab heating/cooling incorporating solar heated water panels, chilled beams, 4-pipe chiller, VRF air conditioning system, FCUs and other ventilation systems. The BMS is interfaced with the lift, lighting system and soon to be electrical meter monitoring system. Read More

Canberra College – Performing Arts Centre

This educational facility boasts a state of the art mechanical services installation spearheaded by a Reliable Controls® BMS. Mechanical systems include chilled and heating water systems utilizing air cooled chillers and gas fired boiler. Air systems include AHUs, FCUs and general ventilation systems.
The BMS is integrated into the schools data network architecture so the BMS can be accessed from any PC within the building running IE9 (pending a valid login/password being entered) Read More

Homeworld Building, Tuggeranong

The first floor of this building was refurbished to cater for Government Medicare staff. The works included a full mechanical system upgrade/replacement including chilled, heating and condenser water systems. All air handling systems were replaced with new AHUs, VAV boxes and a VRF air conditioning system.
A separate condenser water system upgrade to cater for existing ground floor retail air conditioning systems was also integrated into the new BMS. Read More

1 Farrell Place

This project was carried out with 75% of the building tenanted. Controls were upgraded floor by floor until equipment in the roof-top plantroom was strategically replaced. Systems included all fan and pump motors replaced and controlled by new VSDs, new chiller and boilers.
The BMS controls all VSDs via HLI which means the BMS is able to access a wide range of information directly from the VSD over a single cable. Energy monitoring in the building is handled by the BMS and includes electrical meters and gas metering. Read More

212 Northbourne Avenue

T212 Northbourne Avenuehis project was undertaken to refurbish this unique buildings’ mechanical services plant to achieve a 4.5 star NABERS rating. The works included a full mechanical system upgrade including replacement of chilled, heating and condenser water systems.

Systems monitored include electrical meters, gas meters and water meters. A subsequent fit out was integrated into the base-building BMS with minimal re-engineering.

 Read More