Building Automation

IES is an award winning authorised dealer for Reliable controls for the ACT and surround region. Complete employs their own in-house software programming and commissioning staff for all Building Management and Control System projects. We are capable of programming and commissioning any complex commercial and industrial application for air-conditioning and ventilation with the Reliable products. All software engineering, graphics design, technical libraries and product support are conducted from our Queanbeyan office.
Our premier offering – the Reliable Controls® MACH-System consists of powerful, peer-to-peer controllers that utilise industry standard communications and network topologies. Using standards such as EIA-232, EIA-485, and Ethernet, provides convenient operator access to the system, and minimises costs for future changes. The MACH-System supports both Reliable Controls® protocol and ASHRAE’s BACnet protocol. This allows the newest products to remain backwards compatible with existing legacy systems and, at the same time, offers forward compatibility with future controls requirements using the BACnet protocol. Industry standard communications, and backward / forward compatibility; provide a maximum life cycle for your investment.
Reliable Controls® Corporation is a leading manufacturer of innovative, flexible and economical building automation systems. With over 15 years of design, development and manufacturing excellence and a growing network of Authorised Dealers around the world, Reliable Controls® has become the vendor of choice for many experienced and discerning building controls managers.
The Reliable Controls® MACH-System is designed to be modular and fully scalable. The system is very easy to install, service and expand, allowing smaller systems to easily grow into larger systems. The maximum scale of a single Reliable Controls® MACH-System network accommodates up to two million hard points of measurement and control.
Reliable Controls® has Archive software to collect and store the BMS data into industry standard SQL databases to meet the reporting requirements for any NABERS rated facility.
Reliable has offices in all major cities in Australia, Asia, North America and Canada and offers a proactive solution driven approach for support and warranty.